Wednesday, February 08, 2006

thewanted - new beginnings and old memories

Who would have thought it? the six of us, (admitted a change in the line up but the same desire and same ambition as we had from the day i made the calls. The day rob said 'i dunno, i'll have to have a think about it'). We were there beside the stage, F.E.A.R by Ian brown kicks in and that's it the very same feeling that I have before every gig, theres no turning back now, then the intro explodes into diesel power and thats that, the lads are on to a massive cheer from the hundreds in attendance. who are these people?, why are they here?, what have we done different? I'm stood there playing 'Disco Girl' and they're singing the song back at me, I mean fair do's to them all, every single one of them, but i'm thinking wait 'til you hear the new songs!
through the set I look around the sea of heads, it's hard to see things when your up there, but you can pick out a few friendly faces, people we have met along the way, the people who believe in what we are doing, the people who know we have done this the hard way, kept our heads down and got on with it.

We come off stage and it doesn't kick in 'til about 30 minutes after, 'fuck me' a look from dan and a smile, we know whats just happened, all of us do. 'Cd's went in around 2 minutes', 2 minutes! haha. Remember when we played at the cricketers to 8 people?, haha, 2 of them were rob's mum and Andy, thats 6, then Nat was there and even Birchy and Alison, thats 5 so with john and andy doing the sound there was 1 other person that came! we got on with it and played 2 40 minute sets. we were good, I don't normally say things like that, i'm not the confident one. They'd have used the cd's for beer mats there.

It's wierd this but theres always been the same feeling onstage since that night at the deepend. Different members have come and gone but it's still the same, simlar jokes and looks from each other. It's a shame Craig A doesn't come with us anymore, i mean fair enough to him, i think he was finding it difficult, really difficult. But I miss him around and I know the lads do too. Birchy came and went, was a shame he didn't fit in, I don't think he ever 'got it'.

Then theres the new faces, who would have thought that after attending the gig with 8 people there he would now manage us, John Moran. We have a lot of respect for john, I know a lot of people in Sheffield do, Cheers John. James came into the band last year, I dunno when, I asked dave that the other day and I don't think he really knew to be honest, it seems like he's always been there, has he been here since the beginning? it seems that way. Then theres Vito, I mean what the fuck does he do? I'll tell you what he does, he keeps us relaxed before a gig, he makes us smile when we might not have thought about smiling, he's a true friend in every aspect and when he's not around it's not the same. viva john vito!!!

peace. ben.


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