Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Howard

What am I Supposed To Do - I've Got A Meaning - Disco Girl - All In - Time - Coming Around - Redstripe - Silhouette Sunshine

Where do I really start with this gig? It really was a great night!
We were supported by The Golden Age and Vigilante Wing, both great bands. I love the new TGA sound, I think 6 months down the line they're gonna be a great band with the new songs they have planned.

Anyway somewhere around 10.20 we went onstage, the place was rammed and along with the old faces there was a lot of new, which is always great to see. James kicked off What Am I Supposed To Do, and that's it, we're off. Two brand new songs to kick the set off, clever or suicide? They went down a storm followed by Disco Girl the audience were into it, dancing heads ad smiling singing faces were all I could see, well apart from Robs' bass head which flew past my nose very close twice. haha.

By the time we got to Redstripe I was just getting into it, looked down and realised it was the penultimate song, gutted. Redstripe went down really well.

Everything after that was a bit of a blur, Dan announced Silhouette Sunshine, thanked the audience, we started playing, lots of people dancing, Jimmy and Ali at the front, a stage invasion, Dave's in with the crowd dancing, TGA Indy's playing keys TGA Rich is on the drums with our kid. haha, songs over, massive cheers and that's that.

We worked hard on the new songs and the set, I recon it paid off but the works not over by any means, a day off then back in rehearsal Wednesday with more new songs. Cannot wait for Wednesday, the hard work and the build up is worth it when you see that amount of people dancing to songs we are playing.



Friday, March 10, 2006

Not long now

The majority of the hard work has now been done, I didn't realize until this morning how fast our time off has gone.

We are really happy with the new sound and songs, things have gone really well in rehearsal and the feedback from the rough demos we put out on the forum has been incredible to say the least. I think the hardest thing was deciding what songs do we keep? I mean, don't get me wrong the songs we don't play in this new set haven't been thrown away, never to return but just 'rested'. We roughly know the set now, what's in, what's out etc.. I think we may raise a few eyebrows when we play at the Howard.

I have been reading a lot on the net this week, one of my favorite bands The Brian Jonestown Massacre had all their gear stolen in retribution to a comment their singer Anton made recently about the American government. Goodness me, people take music far too serious if you ask me, the thing is Anton is outspoken, he always has been and always will be, the man is a genius in my opinion. But the thing is, we as musicians are entertainers and nothing more. I think some people get the line blurred a little sometimes. One word Bono!

Checkout the Jonestown Massacre, they're great. There are nearly one hundred tracks available to download for free legally on the net if you search hard enough and that is always good isn't it.

We are planning to record the new songs as an ep very soon so keep checking the website and the forum.

what we are listening too recently: as I've said I am listening to BJM but am also listening to our mate jon's band Reverend and the Makers, I know Dan is right into maximo park at the minute along with 100 other band no-one has ever heard of too :), our kid will be listening to some bizarre 90's pop I should imagine with a bit of the killers and Elton thrown in to the equation, I know rob is still into the kings of Leon album and James sent me this magical polyphonic spree remix of Scorpio rising by death in Vegas yesterday featuring liam Gallagher, try and get it! it is great. I honestly dunno about Dave, the last time I asked he was listening to some 70's funk instrumental stuff. Is there any wonder our influences are so varied??

anyway, enough is enough.