Thursday, April 20, 2006

The suprises along the way.

Since we started the band along the way we have had our fair share of suprises really, nice ones I mean. The ones that make you smile or think, did that really happen?
Tonight another one of these happened!
Quite a normal night really, went out with good friends, watched the lads play football, a good match at that 8 all, then off to the pub. We set off, I'm following Craig in my car with Rob beside me, switch the radio on, we're there chatting about the match, infact it's hard to describe, here's what was said....

(Rob) "shit, someone's nicked my bass riff, listen.."
(Ben) "sorry mate, I wasn't really listening"
Dans' vocal kicks in and that it I've got a meaning is on in my car on the radio, we're laughing, how funny is this. Rob phones Dan in Craigs car infront of us, they've got it on too.

We have had a few of these moments and they are all amazing, every single one of them, and every one takes us by surprise.

The only thing that I can think of at the minute to end this blog is by thanking YOU, the person who is reading this, the person who believes in what we are doing, it is you who makes these special moments happen, I mean, we didn't send the track into the radio, it was only recorded two days before! It is you who is spreading the word and name of our band and we appreciate it more than you would ever know.



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