Monday, August 14, 2006

sorry for the absence

Sorry for not writing for a long time, goodness me many this have happened since my last blog.
to cut a long story short we have a live replacment for James now, Jamie. Everything is going swimmingly and after a short break the band played at the boardwalk in sheffield on the 12th July, the place was packed, the audience were into it from the off, what more could we ask for, well a handfull of high profile support gigs are coming up from october onwards, i am sorry that i cant tell you more at the moment but the tours have not even been announced yet.

i have had a busy week writing new songs to be honest, after about a month of not doing any my head is full of them! i am in the middle of recording some on my home studuio for the band to hear and for all of us to pick a couple out for the set. Oh we are back at the boardwalk the day before my birthday! 18th October, i am sure the fans wont let us down and give us our hat trick of packed boardwalk gigs this year!!

speak soon people.